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Well, Floyd Mayweather Jr's comeback fight against Juan Marquez did not disappoint. Ive been keeping a close eye on Mayweather since he totally smashed our boy Ricky Hatton back in 2007. It was obvious from round 1 that poor old Marquez was in for a troubled night and not one he will want to remember. I even caught a glimpse of compassion from Mayweather as he toyed with the first-rate Mexican hero in the later rounds, having floored him in round 2. So, Mayweather still reins supreme throughout the super Welterweight division and Welterweight division with a record of 40 wins 0 losses 25 Ko's. Who's next? Manny? Mosley? Please dont say Khan. I know styles make fights. It's like when Frazier beat up Ali, then Foreman demolished Frazier, then Ali comes outta retirement to rope-a-dope Foreman ! So, you never can truly rule anyone out. It's gonna be interesting, but in my opinion Floyd Money Mayweather is just too damn good, even when bringing his (B) game.

Marquez gets fucked up and Mayweather is still KING.