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early independent marketing strategy for an indie comic.

Another little glimpse into my early marketing strategies with an independent comic title Freak daddy. Where did you buy this magazine. I needed to know!!!!!! Looking back , I think I was on the right track!  

A glimpse into my marketing apprenticeship. learning as I go.

A little glimpse into my very early marketing strategies with freak daddy. I had a mailing list and T- Shirts at the ready ! Not bad for the time. #tshirts #induecomic #newcastle comic #freakdaddyy 

Second freakdaddy exhibition at the black Swan newcastle

Freak_Daddy Exhibition at the Black swan Arts Centre , Newcastle A little snap shot of my first my second exhibtion. I spent a lot of time prepping for this in my spare time after work. Also , trying to get that back drop in the back of a taxi......  man on a mission. No job was too small ! #comics #freakdaddyy #exhibition #newcastle #peepmagazine 

Freak_Daddy four issues advertised in bishi- bashFreakd.

Freakdaddy Exhibition by Cliff_Sainsbury Inside flyer for Bish-Bashi night with heavy promotion for newcastle independent comic title - Freak _ Daddy at Newcastle-black-Swan -Arts -centre. Nice to see four titles advertised within this one. I only made three magazines , but the advertised the fourth here. Unfortunately issue 4 never seen the light if day and wasn't fully completed. 

first Bishi-Bashi flyer for a night of comic appreciation.

The first Bishi-Bashi flyer at the Black Swan Arts centre, Newcastle.  This was my first Freak Daddy exhibition showcase with the first issue - pinnacle if punishment.