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So the big fight is finally here between David Haye and Audley Harrison. At first I couldn't believe that Audley sealed a deal to challenge Haye's WBO Heavyweight title, but now I keep hearing he could actually win ! What the fuck? Don't get me wrong I like Audley and have rooted for him over the years, but surely even in his heart of hearts he has reservations... Audley Harrison kinda walked the red carpet, done the biography and mixed with A-list celebrities before actually becoming champion. With his instantly forgettable performances married with a negative overly cautious style made him a laughing stock within the boxing association. To be honest, Audley got wrote off years ago, but he still here walking the walk and talking the talk... To make matters worse every fucking newspaper is giving him a chance and banging on about this fucking left hook that he never ever uses ! In my opinion he has no chance against Haye's speed and power he will probably hang o