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It has become increasingly popular with employers within the creative industry in particularly,  marketing, content creation or social media to ask for free marketing advice from you in the guise of a job opportunity with their company. The scenario goes something like this. YOU  have seen a great opportunity advertised and you apply for the position, you wait for a reply and then Bingo!! You have got yourself an interview...... However, sometimes, this is where the mystery really begins. The employer may either ask for your ideas straight off the bat, or, he or she may invite you to a 'first round' interview.  YOU are well within your rights to take charge from here on in. Remember, they NEED you just as much as you need this job.   My advice to you would be this.... 1, Ask them as soon as possible , what will be the process of the interviews. This way, at least you will know the process and more importantly, know there agenda.  2, If  I'm successful in the initial intervi