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Turn da Table

With our ever widening retro inspired blogs, architecture, videos and gaming, it’s about time peep pulled out and dusted off the old record player, ahem, deck. Yep, only the one! No Djness is needed here. So all plugged in and I discover that the record collection is, well mainly rubbish. Oh well, but those few and far between gems are sounding pretty amazing. After becoming used to the squished and squashed sounds of mp3s, the sonic beauty of vinyl adds an extra aural dimension to your listening pleasure. Besides which, even a badly designed turntable looks better, sexier and more wow than an ipod. Maybe not as handy though. The downside is that I have more things to throw away the cash I don’t have on. Not only vinyl but, I think I’m becoming a retro audio equipment geek.

FAB 70s Architecture map

Kiosk have the same mindset as peep when it comes to post-war modernist architecture. Kiosk have set up an interactive map where you can add your favourite piece of 70s architecture within NewcastleGateshead. The buildings that Kiosk have highlighted are some of the best of the era but there are still some gems to be added. Peep will be posting a missing architectural beauty or two very soon.