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peep | Dr Noel McLaughlin - When Belfast Got The Blues. peep magazine

Dr Noel McLaughlin is a popular music historian and senior lecturer in the department of arts at Northumbria University. peep magazine discuss his latest book - How Belfast Got the Blues ( Co Author ) Joanna Braniff. We also lift the lid on Noel's music and DJ'ing career both here in Newcastle and Londons Notting Hill. #belfast #U2 #northumbriauniversity We cover : Disagreements with U2 front man " BONO " Playing a private party for Stella McCartney, with guests including Tom Cruise, David Beckham, Johny Depp and Venus Wiliams in one of the coolest bars in London - 'The Cow' We also touch on Roger Pomphrey, a talented musician and artist who directed Massive Attacks first short film - ' Just a matter of time' along with Jimi Hendrix ' Electric Ladyland' / Who The Hell is Pete Doherty and Beyond The Groove amongst many other acclaimed projects. Noel McLaughlin sites musicians and artists such as Brian Eno, David Byre and Roger Pomphr