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Andre Ward v Carl Froch (it's hard to fight like a hungry man when your fridge is full)

I have been a huge fan of Carl Froch for many years, but feel this is the end of the road for the COBRA. I'm not talking about his boxing career just his hopes of winning the Super 6 final against unbeaten Andre Ward later on tonight... Carl Froch has been an excellent world champion, but has never gained the respect he truly deserves. The British media have always looked past him for some stupid reason and focused on Amir Khan who truly got his ass kicked last week and will continue to get his ass kicked because he is a fucking over hyped boxer who cannot fight on the back-foot, cannot fight on the inside and gets confused when pushed around and taking body shots...Amir Khan is only good when the other boxer allows him to dictate the fight, when you see a guy like Lamont bully him, he doesnt know how to fight and tries pushing him away because Khan likes to have PLENTY of room to fight in straight lines and to walk through a guys defence with crosses and jabs. FUCK YOU Khan! You