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Most Haunted House in England. 35, Stonegate, York . peep Ltd

The most haunted house in the UK. Number 35 Stonegate, York. peep take you on a journey into some of the stories of occupants and servants from 1682 - 1990. Including - Francis Hilyard Publishing House 'The sign of the Bible' and John Ward Knowles a stain glass artist. these are just some of the stores from people who have passed through the doors of number 35, Stonegate, York , England. We also hear of the legendary Dick Turpin being paraded through this very street on his way to the gallows, having been captured and arrested for horse stealing. Guy Fawkes was also reported to have been born on this very street. Unfortunately, this Haunted tour at number 35 Stonegate is no longer available to visit as the house has been sold and under new management. " Fighting the City Before You're Consumed " PEEP LTD MAGAZINE PHOTOS TWITTER       h

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