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Hey Stu, Just wanted to let you know that Ken Shamrock just now posted an open letter to Jon Jones. Out of courtesy, I wanted you to be be one of the first to know. From: Des Woodruff --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Jon: Few others can understand the enticement of the lust of life when the world says “yes” to your every desire. At these times, anything you want is at your fingertips: free meals, expensive gifts, amazing opportunities, big sponsorships, money, girls, and just about every desire being met on demand. One day, everything changes. Speaking from experience, the decisions we make eventually catches up to us. These consequences, from the seeds that we have sown, are very real and seldom easy to deal with. Fame is often a road paved with heartbreak. It’s a black hole that has the ability to engulf a distracted soul. Unfortunately, you must sleep in the bed that you made. You did this to yourse