My first Print-Run of 100 Freak Daddy Comicsback in 1999

Back in 1999 I embarked on a journey of self expression and creativity. I planned to create my own Graphic Novel called Freak Daddy.  I quickly realised that local magazines were not interested in my work so needed to execute a plan of attack. My influences at the time were the IceBerg Slim books written by the late Robert Beck. I began reading his best seller - Pimp, from cover to cover and soon devoured his whole collection, everything from Trick Baby to Doom Fox. 

My story was to be loosely based around a pimp called Freak_Daddy who lived in Chicago around the mid 60s. I cobbled a little story together which went something like this... Freak Daddy accidentally kills his twin brother, he does a small amount of time in jail as he is released by a secret benefactor called Claude. Claude was a police commissioner and had scores to settle on the 'streets' thus , Freak Daddy would be a perfect 'shakedown' person for the job. 

The only thing was , is that Freak Daddy needed to wear a mask as he was afraid to look at his own face as he was the twin of the brother he had accidentally killed.