peep | " FELT NOWT " The TUBE Newcastle ICON Wavis O' Shave & "THE HARD ...

North East ICON - Wavis O' Shave gives peep magazine an exclusive interview with " THE HARD " for his last EVER interview. Wavis, also lifts the lid on stories and and ideas behind his fascinating characters. We also cover The Tube, Debbie Harry, Kenny Everett, Jools Holland and Paula Yates with loads more to cover ! #thehard #feltnowt #thetube It should also be pointed out that Wavis O' Shave is a surreal comedian and talented musician who has paved the way for many aspiring comics of today. Produced By Cliff Sainsbury " Fighting the City Before You're Consumed " Review our company here PEEP LTD MAGAZINE PHOTOS TWITTER INSTA SUPPORT Intro music by


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